Inkloo accepts a wide range of payment options (Visa, American Express, JCB, Mastercard, and all valid debit and credit cards) that are both safe and efficient. We use Shopify’s secure payment channel. Other payment options include Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal, and Google Pay.

Funds won’t be subtracted from your account until your order is ready for shipment; the only exception being when you pre-order an item. After placing an order, you may see a pending amount on your billing statement. This is simply a measure to authorize the card you are using for payment. Note that there is no way to change your payment method after placing an order.

In the event that you encounter unlikely difficulties with any of the accepted payment options, email us or call our customer service line at (202) 656-0372‬. We are available Monday through Friday, 9 AM - 6 PM EST to take calls and assist you.