About Us


Inkloo is an online marketplace offering a curated selection of emerging black owned fashion brands to consumers who want to authenticate their wardrobe.

Our Why

In an institutionally exclusive fashion industry, black designers are constantly overlooked in retail spaces. This lack of representation ultimately leads to dissatisfied shopper experiences and an untapped market which includes the very creatives who largely influence and lead the fashion industry. Inkloo meets the needs of consumers and fashion enthusiasts who are intentionally looking for fresh looks that tap into their authentic style and it serves as a platform to highlight these designers’ creativity and craftsmanship. As a marketplace, it’s important for us  to reinforce their visceral role as constant contributors and leaders to fashion.

Meet the Founder

Dontaya Bobb

Inkloo started off as a resource for Dontaya Bobb as she was entering the fashion industry to become a fashion stylist and sadly experienced so much disconnect. Designer lists for pull requests were so limited,  including little to no creatives that looked like her. And there was minimal effort to find black established and emerging designers for future projects.  

It has been troubling for Dontaya to grapple with the fact that the fashion industry lacks so much diversity, and that's why it's been her mission to find more designers of color. This mission brings so much purpose to her newly budding fashion career and provides a solution for both the designer and the seller.  While compiling this ongoing list of black designers, she naturally learned about their pain points and lack of resources. Inkloo not only stands as an inclusive space in an exclusive industry, but it listens and provides solutions for designers to ensure the health and success of their brands.