Anthony Hamilton Talks Inclusion, Black Designers and His New Album with Inkloo

Anthony Hamilton Talks Inclusion, Black Designers and His New Album with Inkloo


This holiday season Inkloo spent time with Grammy-awarded artist, Anthony Hamilton, as he modeled our designers' collections and played his favorite songs off his new album, Love is the New Black.  


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Our inspiration for this shoot stemmed from the late 1960-early 70s era, a time (of many) when the black community dominated the fashion scene and were true pioneers of styles we still relish in today. So it was only right for Anthony to drive up to set in a 1970s all champagne colored 4-door wagon gifted by his friend, Nick Cannon.
This man simply knew the assignment.



Dontaya: When you think about inclusion, what does that mean to you and why is it important?

Anthony: Inclusion means to be apart add. And that's important because I think we all have a different vibration, a different color, a different personality, and it makes everything all more beautiful. 


inkloo anthony hamilton


Dontaya: Who is your favorite black fashion designer?

Anthony: You know, there's a few: Ozwald Boateng, I like him a lot. There's a guy Kenneth Flanagan who I've been working with. I love Virgil and what he's doing. Kanye, you gotta love Kanye. He's taken something so simple and made it absolutely amazing in terms of fashion. Dapper Dan, you have to give him respect. We are fashion, we are trends, we are style, we are culture. We created it, all of it. All that's popular, we did that. 



inkloo anthony hamilton

Dontaya: Is there any item (from Inkloo) you want to consign?

Anthony: The shirt that had the bright orange print. 

Dontaya: So, that's from BruceGlen.

Anthony: BruceGlen, yeah! Man, I liked their stuff a lot as well. That was cool, it was funky. It made me feel like the 1970s.

Dontaya: So, we can have you co-sign on that one?

Anthony: Absolutely. BruceGlen, you did it again with the cropped-open, chest out. All my jewelry showing. Blackness, and you made it fabulous. 

inkloo anthony hamilton 

Dontaya: Any last remarks about today?

Anthony: I think the shoot was one of my favorites. I've done a lot and it had a different energy. A youthful energy. It was alive and felt alive. It wasn't pretentious. It was absolutely about fashion, and I think everybody included everyone's opinion, which makes it more successful.

Dontaya: It's inclusive. 

inkloo anthony hamilton

 This interview has been edited and condensed since recorded on11/24/21. We also pay our respects to the late, Virgil Abloh. The true epitome of inclusion. 


Listen to Anthony's newest album, Love Is The New Black, on all platforms below:
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Creative Director/Stylist: Dontaya Bobb
Photographer: Camille Hughes
Videographer: Sadeeq Bello, B3 Studios
Make Up Artist: Gary Javier
Fashion Assistant: Shauntel Greene 
Social Content Creator: Lauryn McCain 
Special thanks to The Manchester 1812 in Charlotte, NC for accommodating us and to all the supporting designers for making this possible: L'enchanteur, Johnny Nelson, BKMC, HardWear Style, Yam


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